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Can't Pair Bluetooth Devices to My Android TV

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    Check if you can pair your Bluetooth® device to your Android TV™ after you perform each step.

    1. Make sure that your TV has the latest firmware update.
    2. Check the following troubleshooting depending on the Bluetooth device that you want to pair to your TV.
    3. Make sure that your Bluetooth device is fully charged.
    4. Move other devices and electronic appliances, like microwaves or smartphones, away from the devices to avoid interference.
      • Bluetooth devices use 2.4Ghz band and communication speed may degrade due to wireless interferences.
    5. Restart the Bluetooth setting on your TV

      • Perform power reset.

      If the issue still occurs, perform a factory data reset.


      • You can only pair one Bluetooth audio device to your TV at a time, but you can pair other non-audio Bluetooth devices to it and use them at the same time.
      • 2016 and older Android TV models aren't compatible with Bluetooth audio devices.
      • For 2015 Android TVs, the Bluetooth connection may fail if you connect four or more Bluetooth devices.
        • Cancel other pairing connections or turn off the devices that you don't use and then reconnect the desired device.

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