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The LED light blinks or flashes, or lights up in different colors on the TV

    The light-emitting diodes (LEDs) on your TV act as an indicator of the many functions, features, and troubleshooting actions available. Understanding the patterns and different color combinations of the LEDs will help you get the most out of the TV features.

    Before you start

    Note: If you have an Apple TV® device, restart it and check if the issue is resolved. If the issue occurs again, please contact Apple support  for further assistance.

    When the TV is in use, updating, or standby mode

    The light pattern or color of the LED can differ depending on the model. First, check the menu item by following the provided steps, then proceed to the description for your model.

    • Check the menu item on your TV

      1. Open the Settings screen.
        • If the remote control has a Quick Settings (spanner or gear) button, press the Quick Settings button and select Settings.
        • If the remote control does not have a Quick Settings (spanner or gear) button, press the HOME button and select Settings 
      2. Select System or Device preference.
        Note: If Device preference is not shown, proceed to step 4.
      3. Select LED indicator, then check the menu option.
        Note: If LED indicator is not listed in the menu, refer to the Help Guide (Web manual) on how the LED lights up.
      4. The procedure to check the specification will be different based on the menu item displayed:
    • Meaning of the Voice function LED or the Operational response LED on the TV

      If Operational response is listed in the menu in the previous step 4, refer to the following.

      The Voice function LED or the Operational response LED

    • Meaning of the illumination LED or the light from the bottom of the TV screen

      If illumination LED was listed in step 4 of the previous steps to check the menu items of your TV, there are 2 types of lighting at the bottom of the TV.

      Depending on the light that you want to check, refer to the following:

      The illumination LED

      The light from the bottom of the screen (For some Android TV)

    When the TV doesn't work normally

    Guided Support Available

    Try our new Guided Support tool to troubleshoot when the TV LED light is flashing.

    Depending on the lighting up or blinking status of the LED, refer to the following:

    • Blinking red LED:

      For Google TV or Android TV models: If an LED is blinking red, try these troubleshooting options. If these options do not solve the issue and the LED is still blinking red, check how many times it blinks and then contact support.

      • Turn the TV off and on again using a TV remote control or the main power button on the TV.
      • Unplug the main power cord for the TV, then plug it back in.
      • Turn the TV off and then disconnect all connected devices from the TV.
      • Update the TV software to the latest version.
        For more details about Software Updates, refer to the article How to perform a software update on your TV.
      For other models: Refer to the Red section in the article The TV Blinks Red, Green, or Orange Lights.
    • Other than a blinking red LED:

      Unplug the main power cord for the TV, wait for about 30 seconds, and then plug it back in to see if the screen is displayed. If the issue persists, check the color of the LED and how many times it blinks, then contact customer support.