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Can Closed Captioning (CC) be received through the video input jacks when using a cable or satellite set-top box?

    The Closed Captioning signal from a set-top box can be sent through coaxial (RF), composite, S-Video, component (Y/Pb/Pr), and HDMI® connections. However, for component and HDMI connections, the Closed Captioning function first needs to be turned on from the connected set-top box to decode the signal.

    If you are using a component or HDMI cable to connect your set-top box, go into the set-top menu settings to turn on Closed Captioning. Closed Captioning is usually found under Options, Preferences, TV Options, Captioning, or another similarly-named location in a set-top box settings menu.

    • Not all stations broadcast programs (including commercials) with closed captions.
    • When changing channels there may be a delay before closed captioning begins to display.
    • Closed captioning may or may not function when viewing high-definition television (HDTV) programming.
    • TVs manufactured before July 1993 may not have closed captioning capability.