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Supported file format for LCD models

    Refer to the Operating Instructions or the online Help Guide (iManual) to confirm the supported file formats. Manuals are posted on your model support page.

    • USB 3.0 is not supported.
    • If the USB device is not detected correctly, try another USB port.

    Below is an example of the Help Guide screens.

    Note: The screen captures and options used in the following steps are just an example and may be slightly different from what you will see according to your model.

    1. Go to your model support page .
    2. Type your TV model name in the search box.
    3. Navigate to the manuals section.
    4. Click on the Help Guide (sometimes called iManual).
    5. After opening the Help Guide , choose Using Other devices.
    6. Select Playable File Formats (DLNA, USB devices, etc.).
    7. Click Codec List.
    8. Look in the Extension column to find all compatible file types. Compatibility is for both USB and home network, unless otherwise indicated.


    • If a Help Guide in HTML isn't available, but an Instruction manual or Operation Manual in PDF format is available: Under the Navigating through Home menu section, look for MediaPlaying back Photo/Music/Video via USB.
    • 4K video resolutions are not supported via home network.
    • Photo RAW files are only supported from USB input.
    • Music LPCM files are only supported via home network.
    • If content cannot be played back even though the file is listed in Supported files and formats, check whether the content is corrupt by testing playback on a computer, etc. You may also not be able to play it back on the TV depending on the file.
    • Although you may be able to play back formats not listed in Supported files and formats, proper operation is not guaranteed.
    • Contents with unsupported codecs cannot be played.
    • 4K contents cannot be played back on 2K TV models.

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