Benefits Provided by Previous Updates

    The section below provides a list of benefits provided by previous updates and included in the latest System Software Update.

    • Improved performance and stability of the internet TV features
    • Improved stability for the initial/add scan for receiving digital channels
    • Improves performance and stability of IPTV (Internet Protocol TV) features
      Note: IPTV allows you to enjoy HD (High Definition) programming from the internet on your TV that's connected to a broadband internet connection.
    • Installs an updated version of the on-screen i-Manual built into the TV
    • Allows for the power-on chime sound coming through the TV speakers (not through the Optical Out) to be turned off in the Sound Menu
    • Resolves an issue where a black and white picture may occasionally appear when using Video/Component shared input
    • Adds support for the Sony Entertainment Network Music and Video Unlimited services
    • Resolves an issue where the TV's clock may reset and the electronic program guide information may not be synchronized with the actual time