Article ID : 00092892 / Last Modified : 01/31/2019

My TV Won't Connect to the Network Using Wired Connection

    After you perform a network diagnosis, your TV may display one of the following errors:

    • Physical Connection: Failed
    • Local Access: Failed
    • Internet Access: Failed

    This may occur if the ethernet (LAN) cable isn't connected securely to the TV, or if the TV doesn't recognize the ethernet cable.


    1. Power off and unplug all the network equipment, such as cable modem and router.
      • Leave them unplugged for two minutes.
    2. Plug the power cords of the modem and the router back in, then power them on.
    3. Power on your TV.
    4. Select your TV type to perform the network diagnosis.

    Other Things to Consider

    If your TV still won't connect to your network, try these additional steps, and then perform the network diagnosis again.

    • Disconnect the ethernet cable from the TV and try to connect to the internet using a different device.
    • Connect the ethernet cable to a different LAN port on the router.
      • If it resolves the issue, there's a problem with the connection port on the router. Contact the router manufacturer for further information.
    • If possible, try a different ethernet cable.
      • If it resolves the issue, the ethernet cable is defective.