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Can I use any 3D glasses to view a 3D picture on a 3D TV?

    When attempting to purchase additional glasses for your Sony® TV, there are two main things that you need to know:

    IMPORTANT: Refer to the manual supplied with the TV for model-specific information. Manuals are posted on your model support page.

    • Is my TV a 3D capable TV. 3D capability is not something that you can add to add to an existing non-3D TV.  
    • Is the 3D feature on the TV Active or Passive .
      NOTE: Aside from looking in the manual, an easy way to know if your TV requires active or passive 3D glasses is to look at the supplied glasses. If the supplied glasses use a battery, and have an on and off indicator, they are active shutter glasses.

    The following is a list of the current Sony 3D active shutter glasses. All of the models listed below are compatible with any Sony 3D television that uses active 3D:

    3D Active Glasses that use the CR2032 Lithium battery:

    • TDGBR100
    • TDGBR100/B
    • TDGBR50
    • TDGBR50/B
    • TDGBR50/L
    • TDGBR50/P

    3D Active glasses that use the CR2025 Lithium battery:

    • TDGBT500A

    3D Active glasses with a rechargeable battery:

    • TDGBR250
    • TDGBR250/B
    • TDGBR200
    • TDGBR200/B
    • TDGBR200/W
    • TDGBR750
    • TDGPJ1
    The following is a list of current Sony Passive 3D glasses: 

    3D Passive glasses:

    • TDG500P

    3D SimulView Passive  glasses:

    • TDGSV5P

    NOTE: The letters at the end of each model listed in this solution represents the frame color of the glasses.

    • P=Pink
    • L=Blue
    • B=Black
    • W=White

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