Article ID : 00030298 / Last Modified : 01/31/2020

The supplied remote control doesn't work with my TV

    Follow these instructions if your TV doesn't respond to the remote control. Check the remote control operation after each step.

    Before you start

    Make sure that the buttons on your TV work. If they do, skip this section and troubleshoot the remote control instead. If the TV buttons don't work, follow these steps to troubleshoot your TV:

    Note: The positions of the TV buttons may vary. Check the sides, back, front, and top of your TV.

    TV buttons

    • Make sure your TV has the latest software installed.
      • Use the buttons on your TV, or a universal remote control, to perform the software update.
    • Remove other devices connected to your TV to determine if the problem is with the TV or with a connected device.

    If the TV doesn't respond to the TV buttons after following the steps above, repair may be needed. Go to Product Repair.

    Check your remote control

    If the buttons on your TV work, then the next step is to troubleshoot the remote.

    1. Remove the batteries from the remote control for approximately one minute and reinsert them.
      • Make sure that the positive and negative ends of the batteries are facing in the correct direction.
    2. Press each button on the remote control twice.
    3. Troubleshoot the remote.

      Note: These steps vary depending if your remote control is infrared or wireless.

      If you followed the steps above and the issue still occurs, the remote control may need to be replaced. Go to Product Repair.