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How to access the Qello HD Concert app.

    The following must be done prior to following the steps in this solution:

    1. The Internet video device must be connected to an active Internet connection.
    2. The device must be registered on either the Sony® Essentials Website  or the PlayStation™ Network Website.


      • For customers in Mexico, Chile, Peru, and Argentina, the Sony Internet video device must be registered at the PlayStation Network Website.
      • For customers in the United States, Canada and other Latin American Countries, the Sony Internet video device must be registered at the Sony Essentials Website
    1. Press the HOME button.
    2. Select Music.
    3. Select Qello HD Concert.
    4. Write down the Registration Code.
    5. Using a computer, log into Sony Qello website.
    6. Enter the Registration Code and click Submit.

      Registration Code window

    7. Enter the requested information to create a Qello Account and select the I agree with Quellos Privacy Policy.
    8. Click Sign Up.

      Sign Up window

    9. Once the registration is complete, you will be able to return to the Internet video device and view free content from the Qello HD Concert app.

      Registration completed screen

    NOTE: The Qello website will recommend an ALL-ACCESS PASS. The ALL-ACCESS PASS requires a small monthly fee to provide access to full concerts and other premium content. If you decide to get the ALL-ACCESS PASS, all of the billing information and other account requirements must be entered on the Qello website.