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There is a white line or flickering line on the top or right and left edges of the TV screen.

    When you are watching TV programs it is common for the broadcaster to send some artifacts around the edges of the screen. Sony provides several simple adjustments in the menus on the TV to resize or reshape the image to hide these unwanted artifacts.

    IMPORTANT: For any model-specific information regarding any of the steps in this solution, refer to the supplied operations manual.

    1. If the TV has a Full Pixel mode feature, ensure that it is not activated or set to On.
      1. On the TV remote control, press the HOME or MENU button.
      2. Use the arrow keys on the remote control to select SETTINGS.
      3. Select PICTURE & DISPLAY or SCREEN.
      4. Under DISPLAY AREA, ensure FULL PIXEL is not selected.
      5. Select one of the following settings to slightly change the size of the picture: NORMAL, -2, or -1.

      IMPORTANT: If your TV remote control has a WIDE button, repeatedly pressing the WIDE button also switches the TV in and out of the Full Pixel mode.

      NOTE: Full Pixel mode is available on select High Definition (HD) TVs only. This mode will show all the pixels associated with a broadcast program, including whatever the broadcaster sends at the outermost regions of the picture.

    2. If the TV has a Vertical Center or Vertical Size option available in the menu, use this option to adjust the picture accordingly.

    NOTE: Select Sony® TVs store settings for each input separately. As such, the steps listed in this solution may be required for each input that is being used.

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