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How to connect external speakers.

    Normal external speakers cannot be connected directly to most TVs. The TV needs to have speaker level output jacks to allow for a direct speaker connection. Instead, many TVs have a red and white Composite Audio Out, Digital Optical Output, or Mini plug jack that requires a connection to amplified speakers or a receiver.

    IMPORTANT: Refer to the instruction manual provided with your TV to verify what types of connections are available. Manuals are posted on your model support page.

    It may be possible to connect amplified computer speakers if the TV has a Composite Audio Out or Mini plug jack.

    • If the TV has a Composite Audio Out jack, use a mini plug-to-composite audio adapter cable to connect the computer speakers.
    • If the TV has a Mini plug jack, the stereo mini jack of the computer speakers can be directly connected to it.


    • It may be necessary to turn on the AUDIO OUT connection in the AUDIO or SOUND menu of the TV.
    • Amplified speakers require a separate power source; the TV cannot provide power to the speakers.
    • Visit the Sony Store to view available sound bars that may be able to be used with your TV.

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