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Local and internet access test failed when performing the wireless network diagnosis on my TV

    Your TV can't connect to your Wi-Fi® network and, after performing the network status test on the TV, the test results show both Local Access and Internet access failed. The following information is provided to help resolve this issue.

    Network status

    After performing the network status test on your TV, the network status results appear as:

    • Wireless Device: Found
    • Local Access: Failed
    • Internet Access: Failed

    These results indicate that an active wireless module was found within your TV but cannot connect to your home network and the internet. if the Local access fails, then the Internet access test will also fail. Check the steps provided to help resolve the issue:

    Home network connection & troubleshooting

    These steps are provided to help connect to your home network. If you need additional help with your router/modem, contact your internet provider.

    1. Connect your TV to your network and the internet
    2. Power reset your modem/router
    3. Signal strength and interference
    4. Perform a power reset or restart of your TV
    5. Perform the network diagnosis again