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Camera / Camcorder - USB

    Through USB connection, you can use the TV to navigate to your camera storage folder through the TV menu, and then playback still images or videos on the TV.

    • USB viewer supports FAT16, FAT32 and exFAT file systems.
    • If you'll connect a Sony camera to the TV, you need to set your camera in Auto or Mass Storage mode
    • Make sure to backup for files. We are not responsible for lost or damaged data.
    • Depending on the file, playback may not be possible even for the supported formats.

    Connect and playback your photos and videos

    1. Connect the camera/camcorder to the TV USB port.

      Connection Diagram of Camera / Camcorder (USB)

    2. Turn on the connected USB device.
    3. On the supplied TV remote, press the HOME button to display the menu, then select Media at the bottom of the screen.

    4. Select Photos, Music or Videos on this menu.

    5. Using the (Up) / (Down) buttons, look for the name of the connected device. Press the (Enter) button to view the file.
      If you select a folder, select the file using the (Up) / (Down) buttons, then press the (Enter) button. Playback starts.
    6. To return to the last viewed file, press the HOME button twice.

    Automatically display thumbnail view or a slideshow

    If you connect a USB device that contains photos, you can set your TV to automatically display your photos in thumbnail view or in a slide show.
    Press the HOME button, then select SettingsSystem SettingsGeneral Set-upUSB Auto StartBrowse Photos, Start Slideshow or Off.

    • Photo files must be stored in a folder under the DCIM folder for automatic playback. You can use a combination of three numbers and five letters to name the folders under the DCIM folder. (Ex: 101MSDCF)
    Notes on playing back video files:
    • Video files from Sony camera/camcorder are located in the following folder structure (hierarchal position):
    Notes on playing back panoramic photo:
    • Scrolling a panoramic photo is available only if the Slideshow Effect is set to Simple/Dissolve. To confirm the setting, press the OPTIONS button, then select Playback OptionsSlideshow Effect.
    • You can only scroll panoramic files in JPEG format in the following sizes. You can't scroll on your photos if they're are edited on a computer.
      • For horizontal scroll: 4912/1080, 7152/1080, 3424/1920, 4912/1920, 12416/1856, 8192/1856, 5536/2160, 3872/2160, 10480/4096, 11520/1080
      • For vertical scroll: 1080/4912, 1080/7152, 1920/3424, 1920/4912, 1856/12416, 1856/8192, 2160/5536, 2160/3872, 4096/10480, 1080/11520
    • Displaying a 3D Sweep Panorama photo is available only if the Slideshow Effectsettings is set to Simple. (This feature is available on 3D-compatible models only.)
      To confirm the setting, press the OPTIONS button, then select Playback OptionsSlideshow Effect.