Article ID : 00079415 / Last Modified : 08/20/2019

The software update for my TV fails

    IMPORTANT: This article applies only to specific products and/or operating systems. Check Applicable Products and Categories for details.

    The software update may take time to complete or may fail if you have slow internet connection. To resolve this issue, make sure you have an active high-speed internet connection and then perform the software update using one of the following options:

    • Option 1: Download the software update and install it manually through a USB flash drive.
    • Option 2: On your TV, set the Automatic software download to On to automatically download new updates even on standby mode. Follow the step according to your TV type. Check your TV manual for model-specific information.

      Note: This doesn't apply to Master Series TVs because the download will only start when you select update after a notification appears that there's an available software update.

      • Android TV™ device
        1. On the supplied remote, press the HOME button.
        2. Under Settings, select Help.
        3. Under Top support solutions, select System software update.
        4. Select Automatic software download.
        5. Set to On.
      • Other TVs
        1. Press the HOME button.
        2. Under Settings, select Customer Support.
        3. Select Automatic Software Download.
        4. Select On.