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Internet access test failed when performing the wireless network diagnosis on my TV

    Your TV is connected to your wireless network but when performing the network diagnosis, the internet access failed.

    Network status

    The network status results appear as:

    • Wireless Device: Found
    • Local Access: OK
    • Internet Access: Failed

    These results indicate that the wireless module within your TV is working properly and can connect to your router, but cannot connect to the internet through your home network. The internet access test checks the connection between your router and the internet through your modem. 

    This issue could occur for several reasons, including a faulty internet connection or the date and time not set correctly on your TV. Check the following information to help resolve the issue:


    • Connection through a proxy isn't supported.
    • Networks that require authentication such as a virtual private network (VPN) or PPPoE connections aren't supported.
    • If it's necessary to make changes to your modem or router, contact your internet provider or the device manufacturer.

    Verify your wireless internet connection

    • Check if your other devices (computer, tablet, smartphone, game console) will connect to your wireless network and the internet. If other devices also fail to connect to the internet, you should check all wired connections going to your modem/router and perform a power reset. Or contact your internet service provider (ISP) for support.
      • Check wired connections
      • Power reset your modem/router
    • If other devices can connect to the internet through your home network, make sure your TV is connected to the same working network as your other devices and that your password is entered correctly.

    Check your date & time settings

    If the date and time settings are incorrect, your TV may fail the internet access test because security features to authenticate the validity of certificates for apps and streaming services may think they're either expired or not yet valid and refuse to connect. Make sure your TV is set to the correct date and time.

    Note: Your TV can't update to the correct date and time using the Automatic date & time feature if it can't connect to the internet. Set the Automatic date & time feature to Off and then manually set the date and time.

    Turn off the Automatic date & time feature and set the date and time manually