Android TV software update information

    SPECIAL ALERT: Android™ 8.0 Oreo™ update is now available.

    The automatic update for Android 8.0 Oreo is released on a staggered schedule so it may take some time before it is sent to your TV.

    For 2018 / 2017 / 2016 year models only: If you don’t want to wait, you can download the update from your and manually install it (requires a USB flash memory drive). In addition to all the benefits of the Android 8.0 Oreo operating system, this version of the update also resolves a sound issue caused by the previous version (v6.5830).

    About the update

    Watch the video and read this article to learn about the feature improvements and changes provided with this update.

    Features & changes

    Applicable products

    2019 models

    • XBR A8G
    • XBR X800G / X805G

    2018 models

    • KD X780F / X751F / X750F
    • XBR A8F
    • XBR 900F / X851F / X850F / X830F

    2017 models

    • XBR A1E
    • XBR X940E / X930E / X900E / X850E / X806E / X800E

    2016 models

    • XBR X800D / X750D / X700D
    • XBR Z9D

    Please review the Warning section at the bottom of this article BEFORE installing this update.

    When you are ready to update the TV software, press the HELP button on the remote control and then select System software update.

    Note: The software update is being rolled out in stages and may not yet be available for your TV. If you have Automatic software download turned on, you will automatically receive a notification to update the TV when the software update is available.

    Menu and Interface Changes

    1. Home menu changes

    • Network-related content appears on the Home menu.
    • Select (Apps) or press and hold the HOME button on the remote control to access your installed apps.
    • Use Play Store to download apps.
      Play Store is the fourth option in the second row of the menu
    • (Inputs), (Timers) and (Settings) are moved to the top-right of the screen for easy access.
    • When you have notifications, an icon with a number indicating the amount of notifications will appear next to the Inputs icon. Select it to see the notifications.
      Icons are presented at top-right of the screen
    • Help is listed in the Help is the fourth option in the third row of the menu (Apps) menu.

    • The Picture-in-Picture (PIP) small screen, control buttons and information appear in the Home menu. The small screen is located on the bottom-right. Refer to your TV Help Guide to learn more about the PIP function.
      Control buttons are presented above the Apps bar and the PIP small screen is presented at the bottom right of the screen
    • If the TV is not connected to a network, an error message such as Wi-Fi is not connected, Wi-Fi has no Internet Access, or Unable to access Internet will appear on the Home menu.
      • You can select DISMISS to hide the message temporarily or connect the TV to a network to hide it permanently.
        Unable to access Internet message with Details and Dismiss buttons
    • New tutorials explain the features available in this new OS.
    • Easy access to installed apps and viewing history:
      • You can add your favorite apps to (A).
      • Partially watched content is automatically added to Play Next (B).
        • You can also manually add content to Play Next.
          • Press and hold the SELECT button on the remote to select a recommended content, and then choose Add to Play Next.
        • May not be available for all services or content.
        • Will not appear if there is no content.
      • TV channel viewing history and recommended content from video streaming services are displayed in (C). 
        • The content displayed changes depending on the status of the TV.

        A is the first row, B is the second row and C is the fourth row

    2. Software update message change

    The design of the software update notification message is changed. It will appear when the TV powers on and then will disappear automatically.
    Software update is available message with Details and Update buttons

    3. Design changes to the Content Bar or TV Menu Bar

    The design of the Content Bar or TV Menu Bar is changed. The bar on your TV is based on the year it was manufactured.

    • 2016-2017 models: Press the DISCOVER button on the remote control to see the Content Bar.
    • 2018 models: Press the TV button while watching TV to see the TV Menu Bar.

    4. Change of the behavior of the APPS button (2018 model)

    After the update, the list of the installed apps will appear instead of [Sony Select] when you press the APPS button on the remote control.

    5. Improvement of the content search function for broadcast related content by the Google Assistant

    The Google Assistant can answer your search requests in context with what you are doing with the TV. For instance, if you say a search word when watching TV, the Google Assistant will provide a list of TV programs that match the keyword and are being broadcast now or will be in the future.

    6. Use the GUIDE button on the remote control to display the cable/satellite box electronic program guide (EPG)

    If an IR blaster is connected and the Set-top box control setup is done, the EPG of the cable/satellite box can be displayed by pressing the GUIDE button on the remote control.

    7. Design changes to the Album, Video and Music apps

    When you select an app, the USB device name or the server name on the home network is displayed on the left side of the screen, making it easy to find the file you want to play.
    USB Device name appears on left side under the Home title

    8. Design changes to the software keyboard

    Depending on the language, the layout or arrangement of the software keyboard has changed.

    9. Changes to the Language settings

    Country/region descriptions are added to some languages. Different Language settings may work better for certain functions such as the Google Assistant/voice search. Please refer to the support page for more details.

    Features No Longer Supported

    1. Certain categories no longer appear when using the DISCOVER button (2016/2017 models):

    Although these apps are still installed on the TV, their categories no longer appear when the DISCOVER button on the remote is clicked. To access the apps, please use (Apps) in the Home menu instead.

    • Netflix
    • YouTube
    • Crackle
    • PlayMemories Online
    • Video (Home network)
      • USB remains the same, Video (USB).
      • To access content on your home network, select the Video app from  (Apps) in the Home menu

    2. PlayMemories Online

    The PlayMemories Online service, originally included in the Album app, is no longer available.

    3. Live Football mode (2016/2017 models)

    Live Football mode is removed from the Action Menu. Sports in Picture mode/Sound mode is suitable for watching football or other sports.

    4. Wi-Fi Direct full-time standby function

    Wi-Fi Direct no longer supports the full-time standby function. It connects only when the TV is in the Wi-Fi Direct standby screen.

    5. IPv6 setup

    IPv6 On/Off setting is removed. The TV will automatically support IPv6.

    Other Changes

    1. Accessibility Shortcut: On/Off switch

    Press and hold the MUTING button on the remote control for three seconds to turn ON/OFF accessibility functions such as Screen reader or Text magnification.

    2. Newly added supported formats

    The following formats are added as supported formats for USB or home networks.

    • Photo: .arw (files for simple playback only)
    • Music: .ogg, .aac
    • Video: .mkv (VP9 Profile 0, Profile 2), .webm (VP9 Profile 0, Profile 2)
    • External subtitles: .sami, .txt

    Playback capability depends on home network server specifications.

    3. Removal of PlayStation™ Video from the lineup of pre-installed apps

    PlayStation Video is removed from the lineup of pre-installed apps. If you want to use it, use the Play Store app to download and install PlayStation Video and then sign in to use it.


    • Install the update at your own risk.
    • Follow the update instructions carefully.
    • After performing the update:
      • The software cannot be reverted to the previous version
      • Some settings may reset and need to be reconfigured.
      • You may need to update apps from Google Play, etc.
      • Apps for earlier OS versions may not work properly.

    Google, Google Play, Android TV, YouTube and other related marks and logos are trademarks of Google LLC.