Article ID : 00197036 / Last Modified : 04/04/2018

End of MLB Service Availability on Non-Android TVs

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The service provider for MLB.TV has decided to terminate its service for non-Android TV. The icon for the MLB.TV will be removed from the app list of affected models starting February 26, 2018.

Affected Models

2014 Models:

  • KDLxxW9xxB Series
  • KDLxxW8xxB Series
  • KDLxxW7xxB Series
  • KDLxxW6xxB Series
  • KDLxxW5xxB Series
  • XBRxxX9xxB Series
  • XBRxxX8xxB Series

2013 Models:

  • KDLxxW9xxA Series
  • KDLxxW802A Series
  • KDLxxWx50A Series
  • XBRx5Xxx0A Series

Contact the MLB app team for further assistance.