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Product dimensions for televisions

    Product dimensions are helpful when deciding where to set up your television and whether to use the stand or a wall mount.

    Select your TV model series to see the product dimensions for your TV. (How to find your model number.)

    IMPORTANT: This article applies only to specific products and/or operating systems. Check Applicable Products and Categories for details.

    • KD X79J, X80J, and X80CJ series
    • KD X85J series
    • KD X80K and X80CK series (43-75)
    • KD 85X80K, 85X85CK, and X85K series
    • XBR A8G series
    • XBR X850G series
    • XBR X950G series
    • XBR A8H and A8CH series
    • XBR X800H and X81CH series
    • XBR X900H and X90CH series
    • XBR X950H series
    • XR A80J and A80CJ series
    • XR A90J series
    • XR X90J, X90CJ, and X92 series
    • XR X95J series
    • XR A80K and A80CK series
    • XR A90K series
    • XR A95K series
    • XR X90K series
    • XR X95K series
    • XR Z9K series