Article ID : 00074269 / Last Modified : 02/06/2020

Display captions when watching videos on the YouTube app

    Follow these steps to enable or change your caption settings of the YouTube™ app:


    • Some videos don't offer captions. If the video doesn't offer captions, the CC (closed captioning) icon may not show, or it might show but can't be selected.
    • The CC button on the supplied remote can't be used to enable captions on the YouTube app.

    1. Pause the video you're playing.
    2. Tap the CC icon.
    3. Select the available language you want for captions.

      Note: The language option depends on the video selected and may be auto-generated.

    4. If you want to change the font and its appearance, select Caption style.

    The specifications of the YouTube app and its instructions may change without notice. For the latest information, visit the YouTube Help page on caption settings.