Article ID : 00018208 / Last Modified : 07/23/2019

What is the seamless streaming feature?

    NOTE: Not all Internet video enabled TVs are supplied with the seamless streaming feature. To see if your TV has seamless streaming, check the specifications or the instructions manual supplied with this product. Manuals are posted on your model support page.

    Seamless streaming gives you a smoother, uninterrupted Internet video experience. The TV buffers incoming video onto an attached USB memory drive (not supplied) in order to achieve a better viewing experience.


    • Enjoy smoother, seamless video streaming over the Internet.
    • Buffers Internet video on a USB memory device for smooth playback.
    • Ideal in low-bandwidth areas where the broadband connection is poor.
    • Better results with high-bandwidth Internet Protocol TV (IPTV) services like Full HD or 3D video streaming.

    Hardware requirements:

    • A seamless streaming enabled Sony® TV.
    • A USB device that supports USB 2.0 or higher. (Not Supplied).

      NOTE: Maximum capacity of USB memory is recommended to be 64GB, while the minimum is 1GB.

    • An active high-speed Internet connection.

    Software requirements:

    • The USB memory device must be Registered from the menu of the TV.

      IMPORTANT: Once you register a USB memory device for seamless Streaming, the USB memory device cannot be used for another purpose, unless you unregister or format it. Registration will format USB memory device, copy or transfer any content before registering the device.

    • The Internet channel or the app being used must support the seamless streaming.

      NOTE: The seamless streaming feature is available with services showing the icon USB device icon  whenever you select the Internet channel or the app.