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How do I connect the optical cable for sound output from the A95L TV?

    If you are setting up your A95L BRAVIA™ TV with an A/V Receiver or Soundbar, and they don't have an ARC (Audio Return Channel) or eARC (Enhanced Audio Return Channel) compatible HDMI® input, then you will need to connect an Optical cable (sound) and a HDMI cable (video) to your TV.

    Connection Diagram

    1. Optical input of the A/V Receiver or Soundbar
    2. Optical cable (not supplied)
      Note: The Digital audio adapter must be connected to the optical cable
    3. Digital audio adapter (supplied)

    4. Optical jack on the TV
    5. HDMI connection to the A/V Receiver or Soundbar
    6. HDMI cable. We recommend an authorized Premium High-Speed HDMI cable
    7. HDMI connection to the TV

    Connection steps

    1. Connect the optical cable to the A/V Receiver or Soundbar optical input jack.
    2. Attach the Digital audio adapter (supplied) to the other end of the optical cable and connect it to the Optical Audio Out jack on the TV.
    3. Connect the HDMI cable to the A/V Receiver or Soundbar and then to the A95L TV.
    4. Refer to your operation manuals for additional setup details for the sound and video.