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The message No Signal is displayed on my TV screen after selecting an input

    This article provides information and troubleshooting steps when seeing the No Signal message on Android TV™ or Google TV™ models. This message usually appears when you select an input that's not connected to an active device or when there's an interruption or weak signal from the source device (antenna, cable box, satellite receiver, Blu-ray Disc™ player, etc.).

    Note: This message may also appear after completing an Android TV software update.

    The troubleshooting steps will vary, depending on your signal source (antenna, cable box, satellite receiver, Blu-ray Disc player, etc.). Follow the steps as needed, checking if the issue is resolved after each step you complete. Check the general troubleshooting steps first and then the specific selections as needed:

    General troubleshooting

    Cable box, satellite receiver, and DVD or Blu-ray disc player connections

    Antenna connection or direct cable (no box)