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How to pair the RMF-TX200U remote control to an Android TV

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    Pairing the remote with the TV is required to use the Voice Search function of the Android™ TV. All other features of the remote will work without pairing it.

    The RMF-TX200U is an infrared remote control that uses a Bluetooth® signal when using the Voice Search functionality. By default, the remote control comes paired with the Android TV. Just like any other Bluetooth device, it may unpair when the Bluetooth feature of the Android TV is turned off.

    Remote button

    If the remote control is unpaired, follow the steps below:

    Note: Before pairing the remote control, make sure that other TVs in the room is unplugged to avoid interference from any active Bluetooth signal.

    1. Using the remote control, press the HOME button.
    2. Select Settings.
    3. Select Bluetooth Settings.
    4. Select Device list.
    5. Select Add accessory.
    6. Press and hold the Volume minus (-) and Mic buttons simultaneously to put the remote control into pairing mode.
    7. Select the remote from the list of devices that appear in the Add accessoryon the TV menu.

      Note: If the remote does not appear in the Add accessory list, replace the batteries in the remote and repeat step 6.