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Function and Option list

    Function/Option List

    TalkBackSpeech rate: 9 levels
    Voice SearchTargeted search areas: Apps, TV programs, video content
    Audio Description/Video DescriptionSwitch Audio Description
    Tactile dots on a remote controlPLAY, AUDIO, numerical 5, and Channel Up
    Text Magnification
    • Color: 3 combinations
    • Duration: 4 choices
    Accessibility shortcutAvailable functions: TalkBack, Text magnification, Screen reader
    • Day: Every day, Every Mon-Fri, Day, Weekly
    • Time
    • Duration: 1h to 23h
    • Input: Broadcast, external inputs, video, and Living Décor
    • Channel (When Channel is selected in Input)
    • Timer activation: Always, Only when the TV is off
    • TV on volume
    Closed Captions Streaming & other content
    • Text size: 5 choices
    • Caption style: 5 combinations
    TV remote control designed for tabletop useRequirement: Used on a flat surface