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All infrared (IR) blaster codes were tried, but the Internet TV does not control a connected device.

    If you are unable to get your Internet TV to control your device, do the following:

    1. If using a set-top box, make sure it is connected to the Internet TV device using either an Audio/Video (A/V), component, or HDMI® cable.

      IMPORTANT: A cable or satellite set-top box cannot be controlled through the IR blaster if the set-top box is connected to the Internet TV with a coaxial cable.

    2. Confirm the manufacturer of your device and the correct code.

      NOTE: It may not be possible for the Internet TV to control a combo device such as a DVD/VCR combination deck or home theater system with a built-in DVD player.

    3. Make sure the IR blaster cable is securely connected to the IR blaster jack on the Internet TV device.
    4. Adjust the position of the IR blaster emitter to make sure it is positioned properly in front of the IR sensor of the device you want to control. Image

      IMPORTANT: If you cannot see where the IR sensor is located on your device, refer to the instruction manual or contact the device manufacturer for information.

    5. Turn the device on and retry the IR blaster setting.
    6. If you are still unable to control your device, make sure that the device you are trying to control is not set to RF only mode. Check the manufacturer's instruction of your device regarding this setting.
    7. Verify that the IR blaster cable is working properly.

      NOTE: View the IR blaster emitter (bulb) on a camera LCD screen then press any button on the keypad remote control. A flash of light on the emitter indicates IR blaster is working.

    8. If you have determined that the IR blaster cable is working properly, repeat step 5 using the other end of the IR blaster cable.
    9. If your device is still not recognized and determined that IR blaster cable is working properly, the Sony® Internet TV might not support your device (set-top box) at this time. Select Skip step and Yes, skip it.
    10. After setup is complete, you will need to use a separate remote with any device that is not supported.