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There Is No Sound or Distortion Occurs in the Headphones or Earbuds

    Follow the steps below to troubleshoot this issue when your headphones or earbuds are connected to a device with a cable.

    Clean the Connections

    • Clean the plug with a dry cloth.
    • For Earbuds Only: Clean off any foreign objects or dirt in the earbuds.

    Check the Fit

    • If the earbuds slip off your ears, replace the tips with larger ones that fit more securely.
    • Replace the earpads or tips if they are damaged or deteriorated.
    • Note:
      • Replacement tips for earbuds are available for purchase at general retailers.
      • Replacement earpads for headphones may require repair. Please contact us for assistance.

    Check the Connection

    • Unplug the headphones or earbuds from your device. Reinsert it and make sure it is plugged in all the way.

      headphone plugged in all the way

    Check Your Device

    • If there is no sound from the right side of the headphones, it may be because the headphone jack of your device is mono (single channel) instead of stereo (two channel).

      Note: Sound won't come out of the right channel when stereo headphones are connected to a mono output. This is due to the specification of the device and is not a failure.

    • Make sure sound is coming from your device.

      Note: This can be checked by turning up the volume of the device or by connecting a different pair of headphones or earbuds.

    • Check the battery level of the device

      Note: Sound may be interrupted when the battery level is low.

    • Depending on the device the headphones or earbuds are connected to, the sound may become distorted or crackled, or noise may be generated when the volume is turned up. In such a case, lower the volume.
    • The device may be the source of sound crackle or distortion. Connect a different pair of headphones or earbuds to the device or connect your headphones or earbuds to a different device to see if the issue still occurs.

    Other Things to Consider

    • Sometimes noise can be heard from the cable brushing against clothes. This noise may be reduced by using a clip to keep the cable in place.
    • Crackling or popping sounds may be heard when inserting the earbuds, and then stop. This is not a failure. The sounds goes away when the earbuds stabilize after insertion.
    • Use the plug portion [A] to insert or disconnect the headphones or earbuds from the device. Don't pull on the cable or it may stress or break the internal wires.
      • Correct use
      • Incorrect use
    • Refrain from tightly bending or wrapping the cable around a device, etc. to avoid rupturing the internal wires.

    If you followed the steps above and the issue still occurs, repair may be needed. Go to Product Repair. 

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