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Connect your speaker with the playback device using the Bluetooth function

    • If connecting your speaker to a smartphone or a Walkman® device:
      1. Turn on the Bluetooth® function on your playback device.

        Note: Steps may vary depending on the playback device. Check the device manual or contact the manufacturer for more information.

        • Android™ mobile devices:
          1. Select Settings.
          2. Select Wireless & Networks.
          3. Select Bluetooth.
        • iPhone® mobile devices:
          1. Select Settings.
          2. Select Bluetooth.
        • Walkman devices:
          1. Tap the home menu.
          2. Select Bluetooth.
          3. Select Device registration (Pairing).
      2. Tap the model name of the speaker displayed on the playback device.
        • If it requires a password, enter "0000."
        • If the Bluetooth connection is successful, the Bluetooth indicator stops blinking.
    • Check this article if you're pairing your speaker to a source device.

    Is the issue resolved?

    • Yes, the issue is resolved.
      • This is due to a temporary problem that occurs with the speaker and playback device pairing information.
    • No, the issue isn't resolved.


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