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Google Assistant commands for wireless headphones

    IMPORTANT: This article applies only to specific products and/or operating systems. Check Applicable Products and Categories for details.

    If you want to know what the Google Assistant™ can do with your wireless headphones, say "What can you do?" or check the following voice commands:

    Play Music

    Say the following voice commands to listen and play music:

    • "Play xxx"
    • "Play jazz"
    • "Pause music"
    • "Repeat'
    • "Play the next song"
    • "Previous song"
    • "What' the title of this song?"
    • "Tell me something about this song"

    Make a Phone Call

    Say the person or place you want to call.

    • "Call mom"

    Check and Send a Message

    Say the following voice commands to check or send a short message:

    Note: The send and reply functions are only available on Android™ mobile devices.

    • "Check messages"
    • "Do I have any messages?"
    • "Reply"
    • "Send a message to xxx"
      • The Google Assistant plays the message if the command is complete.
      • To make changes, say "Change"
      • To cancel, say "Cancel"
    • "Send"

    Check and Set a Schedule

    If you want to check or set a calendar schedule or set a reminder, say:

    • "What's my schedule for Monday?"
    • "What's my schedule?"
    • "What' my next meeting?"
    • "Schedule tennis for tomorrow at 10"
    • "Remind me to take out the trash in two hours"
    • "Remind me to buy milk at 7:00 pm"

    Set Alarms or Timers

    If you want to set the alarms or timers, say:

    Note: The alarm function is only available on Android mobile devices.

    • "Wake up at 6:00 am"
    • "Wake up in 20 minutes"
    • "Set an alarm for 7:00 am"
    • "Set the timer for three minutes"
    • "Cancel the timer"
    • "Pause the timer"
    • "Restart the timer"


    If you want to search for navigation, stores, or calculate, you can say:

    • "Tell me the way home"
    • "Navigate to xxx"
    • "What's the route to Central Park?"
    • "How many minutes to JFK International Airport by car?"
    • "Is there a convenience store nearby?"
    • "Find a pharmacy"
    • "Where's is the nearest gas station?"
    • "What restaurants are nearby?"
    • "What are the hours of operation for xxx?"
    • "What is 155 + 133?"
    • "What is 356 x 25?"
    • "What is 20% of 253?"

    Check the News and Weather

    If you want to hear the news and weather forecast, say:

    • "Tell me the news"
    • "Sports news"
    • "Pause"
    • "Restart"
    • "Stop"
    • "Go back 30 seconds"
    • "Next news"
    • "What is today's weather?"
    • "What will be Wednesday's high temperature?"
    • "What is the weather in New York?"
    • "Do I need an umbrella today?"