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The headphones won't pair with the device or won't connect with the device once paired (WF-C500)

    Follow these steps to troubleshoot Bluetooth® pairing issues when using the WF-C500 headphones.

    Before you start

    If you have paired the headphones with multiple devices before and now cannot connect with one of those devices, refer to the Unable to connect the headphones or speaker to a device when I have paired it with multiple devices article.


    1. Check the status of the indicator when you place both (left and right) earbuds in the charging case and open/close the lid.

      The indicators light up in orange for about 1 minute and then turn off

      The charging case is fully charged. Go to the next troubleshooting step.
      The indicators repeatedly flash slowly in orange for about 15 seconds

      The remaining battery level of the headphones is 20% or lower. Charge the headphones and, after charging is complete, go to the next troubleshooting step.
    2. Perform the following steps with the headphones and playback device, and check if the pairing can be done successfully.
      1. Initialize the headphones.
        Note: Initialization returns the headphones to the factory settings and all Bluetooth pairing information is deleted.

        Visit the Help Guide or watch this video for instructions:

      2. Restart the playback device to see if it has a temporary malfunction that may be causing the issue.
        Turn off the device, and turn it on again.
      3. Delete the Bluetooth device information of your playback device.
        Refer to the How to delete the Bluetooth device information of your playback device article for instructions.
      4. Perform pairing again.
        Refer to the appropriate article:
      Pairing can be done successfully.
      The playback device may have caused the issue or there may have been a temporary malfunction with the Bluetooth pairing connection.
      Pairing fails.
      Go to the next troubleshooting step.
    3. If available, pair your headphones with a different Bluetooth-enabled device.

      Pairing can be done successfully.
      The original device used may have caused the issue. It's recommended to use a different device or consult the manufacturer of the original device.
      Pairing fails on these devices too.
      The headphones may be malfunctioning and require repair.  Go to Product Repair. 

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