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How to wear the headband headphones correctly so it is comfortable

    Wearing the headphones correctly is essential, not just so they are comfortable but also to ensure the noise-canceling function works as intended. You can view a video or see the texts below on how to wear the headphones correctly:

    1. Check which is left or right on the indication of each slider. You can see a Left or Right mark on the slider. On the Left side, there is a Tactile dot on the slider.
      Left or Right mark (pointed as A) is placed on the lower side of each slider
      • A: location of the Left and Right marks on each slider
    2. Extend the sliders, and attach the earpad to cover your ear.
      Earpad fully covers the ear

      Note: Make sure the earpad cushion doesn't bump against your ear.

    3. Adjust the slider so that the headband touches softly on the top of your head.
      Note: Make sure the earpad cushion doesn't slip off the ear.

      Good: the headband touches the top of your head softly

      No Good: the headband doesn't fit the head well