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The Software Update for My Bluetooth Headphones Doesn't Complete

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The Headphones Connect app screen may freeze during the software update of your headphones and display one of the messages listed below. If this occurs follow these instructions and perform the software update again.

  • Software transfer failed
  • Please wait...Downloading software...
  • Please wait...Updating...

Power Reset Your Mobile Device

  1. In the Headphones Connect app, tap Cancel.
  2. Turn off all Bluetooth® devices connected to your mobile device, including the headphones.
    • The software update may not be possible if another Bluetooth device such as a smartphone or wearable devices is connected to your mobile device.
  3. Turn off your mobile device.
  4. Turn your mobile device back on.
  5. Relaunch the Headphones Connect app.
  6. Perform the software update of your headphones again.


  • Turn off or close other apps on your mobile device.
  • Keep your headphones as close to your mobile device as possible.
  • Make sure to keep other devices that transmit radio waves, including Bluetooth and Wi-Fi® devices, away from your headphones and mobile device.