Immersive Wearable Speaker

Picture of Immersive Wearable Speaker
Images of Immersive Wearable Speaker
Images of Immersive Wearable Speaker
Images of Immersive Wearable Speaker
Images of Immersive Wearable Speaker
Images of Immersive Wearable Speaker
Images of Immersive Wearable Speaker
Images of Immersive Wearable Speaker
Images of Immersive Wearable Speaker
Images of Immersive Wearable Speaker

Includes: 1 x transmitter, 1 x charging stand, 1 x micro-USB cable, 1 x dedicated audio cable, 1 x optical cable, 1 x AC adapter, 1 x audio cable 

Experience sound from a new perspective

Experience television, movies, and games like never before with the Immersive Wearable Speaker. The speaker rests on your shoulders and immerses you in full, clear sound and reactive vibrations. Enjoy a personalized sound experience while still being aware of your surroundings and join in conversations with family and friends.

Immerse yourself in full, clear sound and reactive vibrations.

Full and clear audio is channeled toward your ears, while minimizing the sound for others. Sound waves travel up the slots on both sides of the speaker, intensifying as they reflect off the hard interior surfaces. You’ll hear not only the direct sound, but also the reverberations, leading to a more immersive audio experience.

Sound intensity that you can feel

Equipped with a passive radiator vibration plate, low frequencies are detected and translated into natural-feeling vibrations, like what you would experience at a live music venue, to provide an intense immersive experience. You can set this function to high or low sensitivity or turn it off entirely.

A dynamic sound experience that doesn’t isolate you from your surroundings.

Since the speaker rests on your shoulders instead of covering your ears, you can enjoy immersive and cinematic sound without feeling isolated from your surroundings. Think of it as a personal soundbar that produces sound just for you!

Wireless RF technology for minimal audiolag.

To prevent lag and potential interference with other wireless devices in your home, the WS1 employs RF frequencies to ensure that what you see on screen is exactly what you hear, with no audio delay.

Image of SRS-WS1
Image of SRS-WS1
Powerful regardless of your surroundings

In situations or locations where you may need to keep the noise down for neighbors, roommates, or family members, the speaker still delivers great, high quality sound even at low volumes. The unique design provides a personal sound experience that can also benefit those that have a difficult time of hearing at noninvasive sound levels.

Comfortable, lightweight, and securedesign

Weighing in at just 0.74 lbs, the WS1 is light and comfortable to use with an archshape and inner cushion. Since the WS1 rests on your shoulders, prolonged use is abreeze without any of the discomfort of regular headphones.

Image of SRS-WS1
A new and impressive wearable sound device

Sony’s unique design features speaker slots which, combined with digital sound processing, create a sound field that surrounds you. Thanks to the slotted design, the sound reverberates between the left and right speakers, while the sloped diffuser provides an intense, three-dimensional experience that totally immerses you in sound. The ducts on the lower part of the speaker reduce excess resonance to keep sound quality even clearer.

Image of SRS-WS1
Compact yet powerful, dedicated full-range speakers provide intense, high-quality sound 

Equipped with specially developed ø1.18" full-range speakers on both sides, the small diameter vibration board provides excellent high-register playback and can be placed around the neck for a compact yet powerful listening experience.

Image of SRS-WS1
Vibrations accompany the sound to achieve intense bass

Both speakers are equipped with a passive radiator vibration plate which enhances low tones, producing vibrations together with bass sounds from film action scenes or at live venues. Despite its compact size, the speaker combines the sounds and vibrations as they reach the ear to provide an intense experience that makes you feel as if you are really there. The vibration intensity can also be adjusted to three different levels (high, medium, low).

Image of SRS-WS1
Just set it down for easy charging

Simply place the product on the charging stand to charge it. One charge takes approximately 3 hours and provides a maximum continuous usage time of up to 7 hours.

Image of SRS-WS1
Connect two devices simultaneously

You can connect up to two SRS-WS1 speakers to one transmitter, so you can enjoy with family and friends.

Specifications and Features

A wearable speaker that rests on your shoulders, surrounding you in sound and vibrations for a new audio experience that makes you feel like you’re actually there.
  • Lightweight at approx. 11.82 oz (speaker)

  • Wireless and convenient. Connecting to your TV is easy

  • Connect two devices simultaneously

  • You can still hear your surroundings, so you can carry on conversations while wearing the speaker.

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