Video & TV SideView App

Remote and TV Guide app for you smartphone and tablet, available free from Google Play™ and the App Store.


Quick Wi-Fi remote control

Your smartphone and tablet will become your remote control for your BRAVIA®. Never worry about losing your remote control or running out of battery.

TV Guide App to Go

At a café, at work, or at home, it doesn't matter where. Check out all your favorite TV show schedules with the TV Guide feature from Video & TV SideView. You can set bookmarks too, for programs you can't miss.

Top picks

Find out what you might be missing

Check the "Top picks" to see what's on air and popular shows being watched online.

My library

Watch your own videos

My Library lets you search and play videos stored on your smartphone or tablet.

TV start notifications

When connected to a compatible BRAVIA® TV, the app senses it has connected to your Wi-Fi network when you arrive home and notifies you of the most popular shows currently broadcasting.

TV start notifications

Intelligent search for more entertainment

You can search all your favorite media content from one place. Video & TV SideView search will not just search TV shows but also related video contents from the web and your home server.

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