Full Specifications and Features



Size & Weight

Dimensions (W x H x D)
2.56 x 5.16 x 0.71 in
8.29 oz


Battery Life - Continuous Playback Music
33 hours (Hi-Res Audio), 60 hours (MP3)
Charging Time (full charge)
4.5 hours

Storage Media

Memory Size
128 GB


USB Connection
Hi-Speed USB (USB 2.0 compliant)
22 pins
Wireless Capabilities
Bluetooth®, NFC, Wi-Fi®
Input and Output Terminals
microSD slot, Stereo mini jack, WM-PORT

Playback & display

Dynamic Normalizer
Clear Bass
Display Resolution
854 x 480 (FWVGA)
Display Type
TFT color video display
Screen Size (inch)
4 in (10.2 cm)
Linear PCM
Photo Playback
AVC (H.264/AVC)
Sound Effects
ClearAudio+, Clear Bass, DSEE HX, Dynamic normalizer, Equalizer (5 band), Surround sound
Audio Playback
Video Playback
AVC (H.264/AVC), MPEG4, WMV 9


Operating System
Android platform
System Requirements
Mac OS® X (v10.6 or later), Microsoft Windows® 8, Windows Vista® (SP2 or later), Windows® 7 (SP1 or later)

Color Options


What's In The Box

  • USB cable
  • Leather carrying case
  • Spacer
  • Quick Start Guide


Picture of ZX2 Walkman® ZX Series

High-Resolution Audio delivers premium sound

Experience digital music to the fullest with High-Resolution Audio. By capturing music at a higher rate than CD, increasing both audio samples per second and the bit-rate accuracy of each sample, High-Resolution Audio offers an uncompromised rendition of an artists’ music. Savor every breath and subtle movement for a truly emotional experience.

Picture of ZX2 Walkman® ZX Series

S-Master HX digital amplifier: utmost sonic purity

Enjoy the best High-Resolution Audio experience with the S-Master HX digital amplifier. Using a simplified and fully digital signal path, S-Master HX reproduces the subtleties and wide frequency range of high resolution formats. Unlike conventional amplifiers, it maintains the digital signal until right before the speaker output, eliminating distortion — for High-Resolution Audio, just as the artist intended.

Picture of ZX2 Walkman® ZX Series

DSEE HX restores your music files

Go beyond CD quality. DSEE HX builds on our proprietary DSEE technology, upscaling compressed audio files to a level that’s closer to High-Resolution Audio. By restoring the subtleties of the original recording that are lost during the compression process, DSEE HX delivers a rich, studio-quality audio experience for all your music.

Picture of ZX2 Walkman® ZX Series

ClearAudio+ enriches your music

Unique to Sony, ClearAudio+ automatically adjusts sound settings for an enriching listening experience. By bringing together expertise in digital signal processing technologies, ClearAudio+ is able to optimize audio formats to deliver a consistently clear, high-quality sound, whatever music you’re into.

Picture of ZX2 Walkman® ZX Series

Direct Stream Digital (DSD) playback for High-Resolution Audio 

Enjoy studio-quality sound, thanks to the Direct Stream Digital (DSD) audio codec — designed specifically for High-Resolution Audio. This 1-bit format utilizes a stream of very high frequency 1s and 0s to recreate audio waveforms at a higher resolution than conventional codecs. The result is clearer, crisper, High-Resolution Audio quality.

Picture of ZX2 Walkman® ZX Series

Highest quality Bluetooth streaming: LDAC

Developed by Sony, the Bluetooth LDAC codec takes your music streaming to a new level. It supports up to three times greater bitrate than typical Bluetooth streaming. 96 kHz sampling rates and more efficient coding for CD-quality wireless sound. 

Picture of ZX2 Walkman® ZX Series

High transparency sound by dedicated clock oscillators

Two dedicated clock oscillations, one for the sampling frequencies of 44.1 kHz, 88.2 kHz and 176.4 kHz (CD/DSD), and the other for 48 kHz, 96 kHz and 192 kHz, enable completely synchronized demodulation for sound purity and uncompromising results regardless of the digital content source.

Picture of ZX2 Walkman® ZX Series

Components and materials for high quality 

Low-impedance parts such as a thick copper foil (35 µm) printed circuit board, Oxygen-Free Copper (OFC) cable, and high purity lead-free solder, contribute to pure sound. The LC (inductor-capacitor) filter for the headphone output incorporates a large coil resistor for low distortion and low resistance, while MELF type resistors and film capacitors reduce noise. Together these elements help to achieve the higher resolution sound of the NW-ZX2 Walkman.

Multiple music formats

The NW-ZX2 supports High-Resolution Audio formats as well as popular formats like MP3, WAV, AIFF, WMA, AAC, HE-ACC, FLAC, ALAC.

Picture of ZX2 Walkman® ZX Series

CLEAR BASS: tight and powerful bass

Even with the volume cranked up, the CLEAR BASS feature delivers tight bass without distortion. power. 

Picture of ZX2 Walkman® ZX Series

VPT: sound with depth and presence

VPT (virtual phones™ technology) recreate a realistic sound space through your headphones. Choose from Studio, Club, Concert Hall or Matrix. 

Picture of ZX2 Walkman® ZX Series

TRILUMINOS® Display for mobile: vivid lifelike viewing

Marvel at the life-like images with subtle, rich and natural color reproduction. Making it possible is TRILUMINOS™ Display for mobile, an extension of our expertise in BRAVIA TVs, optimized for mobile use by combining vivid color expression with the benefits of low power consumption.

Picture of ZX2 Walkman® ZX Series

OptiContrast Panel displays solidly black

The OptiContrast panel, also originally developed for BRAVIA, provides images with increased sharpness and contrast. Deeper blacks and brighter whites together give the picture an enhanced sense of depth and presence. Even in bright rooms and outdoors it inhibits reflection and reproduces a clear picture.

Picture of ZX2 Walkman® ZX Series

Intuitive touch interface with Android™

The NW-ZX2 is equipped with Android™ 4.2, making it a smart device in its own right. Tap the screen and download apps from the Google Play™ store so you can play games, watch the latest viral video, and customize your experience.

Picture of ZX2 Walkman® ZX Series

One-touch listening to play instant music

NFC (Near Field Communication) technology removes the need for wired connections and complex setup sequences. Simply touch your NFC-enabled smartphone or other device* to the on-body N-mark and start your music. No NFC? No problem. You can also pair the devices manually in Bluetooth® settings. *See compatible devices

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