A17 High-Resolution Walkman®

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Images of A17 High-Resolution Walkman®
Images of A17 High-Resolution Walkman®
The Way The Artists Truly Intended

Enjoy the subtlest nuances of studio-quality sound in higher than CD quality with High-Resolution Audio. Passion for music unites every component from signal to speaker so it feels like the artist is performing right in front of you.

Slip Hi-Res quality sound into your pocket
Premium music, portable convenience

High-Resolution Audio continues the Sony tradition

Enjoy music with a richness and fidelity to the original that has previously been unavailable in portable formats. The two features below work together to deliver this ultimate quality.

More stunning realism than you ever heard

S-Master™ HX digital amp technology, uniquely developed for High-Resolution Audio, reduces distortion and noise across a wide range of frequencies—for rich, full-bodied sound.

DSEE HX logo.
Music enriched

DSEE HX™ upscales your existing music to near high-resolution sound quality, and makes you feel as if you are really there at the recording studio or concert.

S-Master™ HX technology explained

S-Master™ HX is a built-in digital amplifier that extends the music’s frequency range and bit-rate and reduces the risk of distortion over this wider range.

Extended frequency range

As a built-in digital amp, S-Master™ HX supports High-Resolution Audio bitrates (24bit+) and extended frequencies (22kHz and up) beyond standard CD range while reducing the risk of distortion.

Diagram showing CD range.
Diagram showing S-Master HX high resolution range.
Diagram showing S-Master digital amp range.
Diagram showing S-Master HX hi res audio amp range.
Noise suppression at wider ranges

In the NWZ-A Series, S-Master™ HX can suppress noise at wider frequency ranges (over 20KHz). Thanks to optimal noise shaping, you can enjoy clearer sound at any listening level.

Hear the difference

Music as it should be

Sony’s DSEE HX™ technology injects more life into your music, upscaling compressed files to near High-Resolution Audio quality. Restoring the subtleties of the original recording simulates the sounds of live performance.

Diagram showing hi res range of DSEE HX technology.
Diagram showing limitation of CD technology.
All of your music; hours of listening

Supplement the NWZ-A Series’ built-in storage with a microSDXC memory card. And, when it’s time to enjoy all that stored music, you get extended play for day and night with a long-lasting battery.

Best sounding mp3 player with extra storage capability.
Dual memory: built-in and expandable

Models have 16GB built in; boost this with a microSDXC memory card.

Battery life comparison between hi res and mp3 audio formats.
Long battery life

Enjoy approximately 30 hours of playtime with High-Resolution Audio files

Looks as great as it sounds

Designed from the inside out for top audio, high style.

Click the hot spots below for feature details and find out why the NWZ-A Series could be your new favorite source of High-Resolution Audio.

Every detail counts

The precision-built A Series Walkman®

Creating the big, rich sound of High-Resolution Audio calls for attention to the smallest detail. See how we combine quality materials and premium craftsmanship in the latest Walkman®.

Music, pure and simple

ClearAudio+™ technologies reproduce the crisp stereo sound of the original source, providing a realistic soundstage in your headphones, booming bass lines, and consistent volume across tracks.

Clear Bass

Automatic level control delivers rich bass without distortion.

Dynamic Normalizer

Balances the volume levels between songs to minimize unexpected jumps.

Hi-res NWZ-NWZ-A10 supports multiple audio formats.
Multiple music formats

Whether you listen to new files in premium High-Resolution Audio formats, or your favorite MP3 tracks, an NWZ-A Series Walkman® supports all popular formats for ease and convenience.

NFC logo.
One-touch streaming

Touch to an audio product that's NFC-enabled for effortless streaming.

Bluetooth® convenience

Enjoy your music on any Bluetooth-enabled audio product.

Hear it first.


Specifications and Features

Introducing the A10 Series High-Resolution Walkman®. The greatest name in portable music meets the latest standard in premium audio, with up to 30 hours of playtime (approximate) and a microSDXC card slot for expandable memory. The smallest and lightest High-Resolution Audio player, you get portability, convenience, and style.
  • High-Resolution Audio compatible

  • S-Master HX™ digital amplifier for pure sound quality

  • DSEE HX™ upscaling restores quality to compressed files

  • 64 GB built-in memory depending on model

  • Great-sounding music in one step with ClearAudio+™

Memory Size
64 GB
Screen Size (inch)
2.2 in (5.6 cm)
Display Resolution
320 x 240 (QVGA)
Battery Life - Continuous Playback Music
30 hours (Hi-Res Audio), 50 hours (MP3)
2.33 oz
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