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Wireless Headphones

Turn up the volume and rock out with our wireless headphones. Learn more about our full range below, and then pick up a pair that’s perfect for you.

Easy listening, redefined

With wireless headphones, nothing comes between you and the music. Whether you need wireless earbuds for jogging or a pair that can handle big beats, Sony has what you’re looking for. Many of our best wireless headphones work with your smartphone for hands-free calling, while extended battery life offers hours of listening.

Man working out with wireless headphones
Man enjoying Sony's best wireless headphones on the go

Make the move to wireless

Experience a new level of freedom with wireless headphones. Without cords and wires, you’re free to move — whether that means going on a run, kicking back at the beach, or shaking your body to the beat. There’s nothing to lose, tangle, or damage, so you can enjoy your favorite music—or even take phone calls—free of worry.

Listen like never before

Hear music as the artist intended with wireless headphones that boast High-Resolution Audio capability. Each note shines down to the subtlest details, while digital upscaling enhances the quality compressed audio files for a richer listening experience that’s closer to the original studio recording.

Woman enjoying Sony's best wireless headphones
Man watching TV with wireless headphones

Movies come alive

Get lost in your favorite film with wireless home audio headphones. Just pick a movie, press play, and enjoy unrivaled sound quality that only you can hear — from sweeping scores to dialog, everything is crisp, clear and powerful. Our best wireless headphones replicate surround sound setups for a truly cinematic experience.

Nothing but the best

Quality comes first with Sony wireless headphone. Enjoy rich, full-spectrum sound on every track, thanks to powerful drivers, wide frequency ranges, and high-grade components. Looking for something more compact? Try our wireless in-ear headphones, which feature a copper cord for improved connectivity and enhanced sound.

Wireless headphones in charging dock
Listen to music on the phone with wireless headphones

Sweet simplicity

Keep things simple with a pair of wireless headphones. Connect with Bluetooth and answer calls on your smartphone with the built-in microphone, or sync up with your MP3 player to access your music. Automatic tuning on select models ensures the best possible digital signal, so you’ll always be able to enjoy the great sound audio.