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Images of CEB-G Series CFexpress Type B Memory Card
Images of CEB-G Series CFexpress Type B Memory Card
Images of CEB-G Series CFexpress Type B Memory Card

Incomparably fast, wherever you go

Embrace speed with the new CFexpress memory card

With incredible speeds of up to 1700MB/s(read) and 1480MB/s(write), this memory card is ready to support the future evolutions of high-end cameras and camcorders. Sony CFexpress memory card is designed for professional photographers, videographers and enthusiasts looking to boost workflows with unrivalled speed and exceptional reliability. 

Cameraman filming fast-moving action

Built for breathtaking speed

Whether you're taking high resolution burst shots on full-frame DSLR/mirrorless cameras or high bitrate video on a professional grade camcorder, this card has the speed you need to capture the action. Be ready for the high speed of future high-end cameras and camcorders.

CFexpress card in rough environment

Made incredibly tough

Designed tough with superior strength more than 3x greater than the CFexpress standard of bending, with additional rigidity tested to 70 newtons of force. Capable of withstanding 16.4-ft drops, extreme temperatures, X-rays, electrostatic and intensive UV sunlight, it's ready for the most challenging environments.

Work faster, be more productive

A natural evolution of XQD® and CFAST® standards, CFexpress memory cards open up worlds of opportunity for professionals. Handling high-resolution files and high-speed recordings in a small but rugged format, it's perfect for speeding up workflows and improving productivity, allowing you to have more time available for creative work.

Capturing high-resolution burst shots

Rapid-response photography

With write speeds of up to 1480 MB/s, this is one of the fastest memory cards around. Ideal for uncompressed continuous RAW shooting of fast-moving action such as motorsports and wildlife.

Capturing high-bitrate video footage

High-grade videography

CFexpress enables stable high-bitrate video capture at 4K resolution and beyond, making it a natural partner for high-end camcorders.

Transferring data from a camcorder to a PC at high speed using the card

Ultra-efficient workflow

Transfer and backup large-sized data such as batches of high-resolution photos or high bitrate videos to a PC faster than ever with the optimized card reader MRW-G1, leaving you more time to retouch and edit your content.

Speed up with the CFexpress card reader

Speed up with the CFexpress card reader

Optimized for Sony CFexpress memory cards, this optional card reader "MRW-G1" allows you to transfer data via a USB interface and take full advantage of high speed backups and more efficient workflows. It's compact, easy to carry and works with both Sony CFexpress TypeB and Sony XQD G series and M series memory cards.

Rugged. Reliable. Ready.

Take your CFexpress memory card to sports events, location shoots or on outdoor expeditions. It' designed for extended professional use in the most challenging environments such as snow-covered mountains and sand-blown deserts so you can shoot, swap and store with total confidence.

Cameraman working in harsh, rough environment

For the roughest places

With a tough design, CFexpress memory cards offer superior strength more than 3x greater than the CFexpress standard of bending, with additional rigidity tested to 70 newtons of force, and can withstand falls up to 16 feet high.

CFexpress card works in the toughest conditions

For the toughest conditions

You can rely on CFexpress memory cards to work faultlessly in extreme temperature, X-rays, electrostatic and intensive UV sunlight.

Media Scan Utility scans and monitors your memory

Scans and monitors your memory

Over time, flash memory wears out and no longer records data. Media Scan Utility automatically scans your CFexpress memory card, keeping you informed of its condition so you can take action before the limit is reached. Card reader "MRW-G1" is needed to scan Sony CFexpress Type B memory cards.

Recovers lost files

Even when things go wrong, you can avoid disaster with downloadable rescue software for Sony memory card customers that recovers accidentally deleted files and corrupted photos and videos in today's most common formats.

File Rescue recovers lost files
Specifications and Features
Extremely fast and reliable for professionals who require the highest performance in the most extreme conditions. This new generation CFexpress memory card protects recordings and boosts workflow for photographers, videographers and enthusiasts.
  • Ultra-fast write speed at up to 1480 MB/s for burst and high-resolution imaging

  • Enhanced workflow with extremely high read speed of up to 1700 MB/s

  • Tough specification for challenging environments

  • Media Scan Utility monitors the condition and storage limit of your card

  • Memory Card File Rescue available for download

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