Left side of ECM-B10 without wind screen, four mic capsules on the top
Left side of ECM-B10 with wind screen
Back image of ECM-B10
Rear panel of ECM-B10
Left side of ECM-B10 without wind screen
Photos of all included items : shotgun microphone(ECM-B10), wind screen, connector protect cap, pouch
Product image of ECM-B10 with wind screen attached to the camera
Product image of ECM-B10 without wind screen attached to the camera
Stunning digital shotgun sound, made smaller

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Super-directional performance in a compact package
The illustration showing how sound is collected from four microphone capsules and gathered into a digital signal processor inside the microphone.
Advanced beamforming technology

Digital signal processing using beamforming technology achieves super-directivity, ideal for interviews and selfies, where the sound collection is focused on a narrow range in front of the camera.

Image of a compact product that can be carried in one hand
Compact and portable, at only 79.3 mm (3 1/8 in.) in length

Even at only 79.3 mm (3 1/8 in.) in length, the ECM-B10 offers impressive directional audio capture. Its small size gives you plenty of clearance for wide-angle lenses, viewfinder use, and great integrated audio even in gimbal- and grip-mounted shots.

Your choice of three pickup patterns

Super-directional, unidirectional, omnidirectional

Advanced digital signal processing makes it possible to offer three switchable directivity patterns in one versatile microphone, allowing you to select the area for audio pickup depending on the requirements of your shoot.

Illustration of three poler chart with rear panel switch. From left to right: super-directional, unidirectional, and omnidirectional
Simple switching operation

Choose the most suitable pickup pattern with an easy-to-reach switch 

A simple three-way switch on the rear panel of the microphone lets you quickly switch back and forth among the three pickup patterns, giving you the flexibility to adapt to your shooting requirements.

Image of a person taking a selfie in super-directional mode with the ECM-B10 attached to the camera.
Super-directional: focused front area

Ideal for interviews or selfies, the super-directional pattern collects sound from a focused area in front of the microphone, effectively suppressing sounds from off-axis and behind the camera.

Image of cameraman shooting musicians in unidirectional mode with ECM-B10 attached to the camera.
Unidirectional: wide frontal range

Perfect for multi-person conversations, the unidirectional pattern captures sound from a wide field in front of the microphone while minimising pickup from behind. 

A cameraman is shooting in a natural environment, checking the sound with headphones. The camera is equipped with a ECM-B10 set to omnidirectional mode.
Omnidirectional: sound from any direction 

The omnidirectional pattern picks up audio equally from all directions, useful for recording environmental sounds or the voice of the camera operator.

High-quality recording and digital transmission
Illustrations that use sound wave to show how analog sound is converted to digital sound.
Digital signal processing

Sony's proprietary algorithms enable noise reduction as well as directivity 

The ECM-B10 converts analogue sound to digital within the microphone body and performs digital signal processing using Sony's unique algorithms, enabling three directional pickup patterns as well as noise reduction. In-body digital conversion also helps to reduce noise inside the microphone.

Highly efficient noise filter

Noise cut filter using digital signal processing

The ECM-B10's noise cut filter is very effective at reducing extraneous ambient noises through the use of digital signal processing algorithms, maximising audio quality at the recording stage and reducing the need for complex post processing.

Close-up view of the filter switch on the rear panel. The switch is set to the noise cut filter.
Illustration explaining digital sound converted in the microphone enters the camera body as digital sound through the Muiti Interface Shoe compatible with digital audio interface
Digital audio transmission

No audio degradation during transmission 

When used in combination with a camera equipped with a Multi Interface (MI) Shoe that supports a digital audio interface, the ECM-B10 transmits audio directly as a digital signal, delivering high-quality sound without degradation. 

Convenient, reliable operation 
Image of ECM-B10 connected to the camera through Multi Interface shoe part without using a cable.
Cable-free connection 

No cables are required for connection to a wide range of Sony's cameras equipped with an MI Shoe, reducing interference, noise and complexity.

Illustration showing the battery of the camera body being supplied to the microphone
Battery-free operation

Power is also supplied via the MI Shoe in compatible cameras, so you don't need to worry about microphone batteries running out of charge during a shoot. 

Image of the rear panel of ECM-B10 showing the control switch and dials
Intuitive, easily visible rear panel

Controls for audio level, pickup pattern, filters and other functions are within easy reach on the rear panel, visible at a glance for reassurance and quick adjustments during shooting. 

Product image of ECM-B10 with a fur-type wind screen
Supplied wind screen

The ECM-B10 is supplied with an effective fur-type wind screen, easily detachable, that can reduce wind noise when shooting outdoors.

The image focusing on the part between the shoe and the rear panel that reduces low-frequency vibration noise
Designed to minimise vibration noise

The ECM-B10 has been designed to efficiently suppress noises caused by shock and vibration, while the cable-free design eliminates the possibility of noise caused by cable movement.

Image of a person using a camera mounted on a gimbal to collect sound near small river.
Dust- and moisture-resistant design

Complementing similarly dust- and moisture-resistant camera bodies and lenses, the microphone is designed for worry-free outdoor shooting.

Specifications & Features

Get the most out of α system cameras with this compact shotgun microphone. The cable-free, battery-free configuration is perfect for shooting movies, while sharp directivity and a choice of three pickup patterns respond to diverse audio needs. Digital signal processing and audio transmission deliver high-quality sound without degradation.
  • Compact shotgun microphone with digital signal processing

  • Choose from super-directional, unidirectional and omnidirectional pickup patterns

  • Digital audio interface via a Multi Interface (MI) Shoe

  • Comprehensive manual control for optimal sound capture

  • Cable-free and battery-free configuration for easy portability

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