Images of Fisheye Converter
Images of Fisheye Converter
Images of Fisheye Converter
Images of Fisheye Converter
Converter to 180° full-frame fisheye perspective

This dedicated conversion lens for the FE 28mm F2 provides 16mm focal length with fisheye perspective and a full 180° angle of view (diagonally). The converter has been specifically designed for the FE 28mm F2, and therefore offers expressive fisheye perspective with excellent image quality from infinity down to the closest focusing distance, without compromising the basic image quality of the lens. The sophisticated design seamlessly matches the lens, and is dust and moisture resistant for maximum reliability.

For FE 28mm F2
FE 28mm F2
Sample photos
An uncommon view for expressive imagery

An affordable way to add top-quality 16mm fisheye capability to your creative toolkit. Simply attach and enter a new world of visual expression.

Lens Configuration

Specifications & Features

  • Converter for FE 28mm F2 lens, providing 16mm angle of view

  • Dedicated optics and visually matching design

  • Easy-attach bayonet mechanism lock for a quick fit

  • Automatic detection for EXIF data generation

  • Dust and moisture resistant design

Minimum Focus Distance
0.22m (0.73ft) (With SEL28F20)
Maximum Magnification ratio (x)
0.14x (With SEL28F20)
418g (14.8oz.)

What's in the Box

Lens front cap, Lens rear cap, Case

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