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World's smallest and lightest full-frame zoom lens

Mechanical design including the retracting structure, and optimal optical design with three aspherical elements, deliver world-leading0 compactness and lightness (167 g (5.9 oz)). Mounted on a compact E-mount body, it's the ideal lens for full-frame high-image-quality shooting of a wide variety of scenes that require portability, from everyday snaps to travel and vlogging.
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Standard zoom designed for full-frame high resolution 

The deployment of three aspherical lenses effectively suppresses a variety of aberrations, delivering superb optical performance. This allows users to enjoy the high-resolution depiction that is characteristic of full-frame, from the centre of the image right out to the periphery, despite the compactness and light weight of the lens.
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Ideal focal length and close-up capability

With a versatile and frequently used focal length of 28–60 mm, this lens is well suited to a variety of everyday subjects. In addition, a minimum focus distance of 0.3 m (wide-angle) to 0.45 m (telephoto) ensures good close-up capability, making it useful for situations from table photography to vlogging, all with the high image quality of full-frame.
Picture of FE 28–60 mm F4-5.6

Dust and moisture resistant design

Despite its compact size and light weight, a dust and moisture resistant design0 provides the reliability needed for active outdoor use.

7-blade circular aperture

The 7-blade circular design keeps the aperture almost circular. This makes it possible to achieve smoother, more natural defocusing in your images—including artistic blurring or bokeh—and greater control over the depth of field.
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Linear motor drive for excellent AF performance

A linear AF drive motor provides the fast and accurate AF performance required by the latest full-frame cameras. The quietness of the drive makes it well-suited to both still and movie shooting, while the speed and precision ensure maximum performance from camera AF functions such as Real-time Tracking and Real-time Eye AF.