Content creation fundamentals

Camera features and content creation fundamentals

Check out the features of the ZV-1 for vlogging and content creation.

ZV-1 feature tour

Check out this in-depth movie tour of the features of the ZV-1.



Caption "Vlog camera ZV-1"


Front view of camera with wind screen attached, LCD screen folding out, then mounted on shooting grip, with the caption "Vlog camera ZV-1" and vlogger's image displayed on screen


Presenter sitting at table with ZV-1



"Hey everyone, how's it going. Today I'm going to introduce you to the vlog camera ZV-1 from Sony. The ZV-1 is a vlog camera for all content creators."


Clip of vlogger recording a cosmetic product review, then clip of tourist recording in a temple and ryokan (traditional Japanese inn)"



 "It's designed to create high-quality content with simplicity in mind. It's perfect for those who want to upgrade from their smartphones to a camera with a more professional level of quality."


Clip of artist soldering an LED display and showing it to vlog camera, then front view of ZV-1



"A lot of people might hear the word 'camera' and think it's going to have a lot of complicated settings, and menus that are hard to understand, but with the ZV-1 you actually don't get that. It comes out of the box with settings already made for you to just go out and create content whenever you want to."


Cut back to presenter sitting at table, with caption "Body built for vlogs"



"So now I'm going to explain the actual camera body, as it was built specifically for vlogging."


Caption "Movie button"



"The Movie button is the biggest on the entire body, making it really easy to find and press whenever you want to start or stop recording."


Caption "Body grip"



"This front grip makes it easy to hold while you're taking selfies or vlog videos."


Caption "Vari-angle LCD Screen" then front view of ZV-1 with screen folded out



"So one of the best parts of the camera to me is actually the Vari-angle LCD screen. It makes it super-easy to tell what you're recording and keep track of it while you are."


Caption "Recording lamp" then front view of ZV-1 with lamp turning on and graphic highlight



"There's also this recording lamp on the front that lets you know if you're actually recording or not. It's always a bummer when you think you've got a good shot, and you get to the end just to find out that you actually haven't recorded anything."


Caption "Image quality"



"Next I'm going to tell you about the image quality of the ZV-1 and how it makes taking high-quality videos really simple."


Caption "Image quality" over clip of selfie-shooting vlogger walking, then still on a train platform, then still of another vlogger at a city junction



"The image quality is optimised for vlogs. When people hear 'high-quality videos' they tend to think of a blurred-out background and a very in-focus or crisp foreground or subject."


Caption "Image quality" over "Exmor RS CMOS Sensor" logo and graphic of sensor with the label "1.0-type", then front view of lens



"Despite its size, the ZV-1 is equipped with a 1-type image sensor and an F1.8 lens, which makes it really easy to keep the subject in focus and make it stand out."


Cut back to presenter sitting at the table, then a close-up of his finger pressing the Bokeh switch, then clip of vlogger without background

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