Interchangeable-lens Cameras

Interchangeable-lens Cameras

Interchangeable-lens Cameras
Test Title
FX6 Cinema Line Full-frame camera



ILME-FX6_Create with Cinema Line video transcript

Title "Power of Visual Storytelling"

Slow-motion shot of deer with antlers in forest in dim lighting, turning head toward camera

Slow-motion shot of fox crossing water on fallen log, with background bokeh

Shots of lightning in clouds

Shot upwards from dark wooded location towards bright sunlight

Shot of BMX bicycle rider performing tricks against background with a line of yellow doors

Wide alpine shot with hiker in front of building, with grassy slopes and snowy mountains behind, with wide depth of field

Quick-motion shot of aurora borealis against starry night sky with silhouetted foreground

Quick-motion shot of clouds moving over snowy brushland at sunset

Slow-motion shot of herons in shallow water

Slow-motion shot of elephant on savannah


Caption "DNA from Filmmaking and Digital Imaging" over shot of user filming in a church with light boxes, standing lights and boom, then shot of hiker on top of snowy mountain with film crew, then user with camera rig and headphones in mountain snowscape

Shot of action movie making, with actor in car in city at night with camera on rig filming the action

Shot of jeep driving in muddy conditions being filmed with camera mounted on gimbal rig on following vehicle

Shot of skier at speed being filmed with camera on rig carried by following skier

Shot of user with movie camera on tripod, shooting elephants on savannah

Shot of 3-man crew filming in forest with camera mounted on carried gimbal rig

Shot of film crew on mountain with one camera mounted on a drone and another being carried

Aerial shot of subject standing on mountain top surveying the surroundings


Caption "Change the Way We Experience the World" over more distant wide shot of previous subject on mountain top with other mountains behind


Caption "LOOK for film-like expression"

Close-up shot of actress in semi-profile pose

Rear shot of female subject looking out on ocean with pier at sunset

Frontal view of two actors sitting in stationary car in wooded area

Bust-shot portrait of female subject in low lighting looking into the camera


Caption "OPERABILITY for different needs"

Close-up of Fujinon lens attached to Sony movie camera

Shot of the same movie camera being attached to gimbal rig and adjusted

Shot of the rig in misty forest with two crew members

Shot of another rig in a church with booms, lights and two crew members, one checking the viewfinder

Shot of camera rig in aircraft with user checking viewfinder

User filming with handheld movie camera at night with external monitor, microphone and wind shield attached

View of external monitor screen in dim lighting with player and basketball in background

Close-up of left side panel of FX6 being used handheld at night, panning forwards to lens

Shot of user rotating camera on tripod with lens mounted, mic and wind screen and LCD monitor attached

Caption "New Age of Content Consumption" over shot of subject looking out of moving vehicle window, then shot of user lowering movie camera with mic, wind screen and LCD monitor, as another user in vehicle shoots first user with handheld camera, then shot from behind of user adjusting camera with low sun behind

Shot of user checking setup of movie camera pointing at low sun on savannah with wireless unit aerials silhouetted


Caption "Emotion in Every Frame"

Caption "Cinema Line" over shot of three Cinema Line movie cameras with captions "VENICE," "FX9," and "FX6"


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