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Sony | Music Center App

One for the music lovers

Enjoy High-Resolution Audio everywhere you go with the Sony | Music Center app. Compatibility with High-Resolution sources lets you listen in superb detail and clarity, while optimised settings for Sony devices give you extra simple control and the best possible listening experience on every track.

Available on Android and iOS

Music as the artist intended

With Sony | Music Center, you have support for a wide range of file types including DSD for High-Resolution Audio, so you can hear every note closer to the original recording.

Music as the artist intended
Easy control

Easy control

Taking control of playback, speaker grouping and volume on your Sony devices is super simple, thanks to a specially-designed user interface. 

Group speakers wirelessly

Create the ultimate home audio setup from your smartphone. Just group your speakers together for multi-room, surround or stereo sound, using the app.

  • Wireless Multi-room
  • Wireless Surround
  • Wireless Stereo

Available on Android and iOS

Compatible speakers for Wireless Multi-room

Compatible rear speakers for Wireless Surround

Compatible speakers for Wireless Stereo