The ideal wireless microphone for vlogging

Take the hassle out of vlog and interview audio with the wireless ECM-W2BT. Because it's wireless, it allows stress-free shooting and delivers clear audio in diverse environments, without worrying about the direction of the mic or the distance from the mic. 

  • ECM-W2BT


Improve your recording quality and enjoy greater versatility with the ECM-W2BT, a wireless microphone setup that's ideally suited to vlogs. Count on clear, stress-free audio pickup without worrying about ambient noise or microphone orientation, thanks to the wireless configuration and omnidirectional design, optimised to pick up human voices from any angle

A wireless microphone ideal for vlogging

Compatible with the MI Shoe Digital Audio Interface for low noise and high-quality sound

Dual receiver and transmitter mic recording for easy subject and camera operator capture without additional equipment

Reliable high connectivity even in crowded environments

Get up to nine hours wireless connection with on-board battery and camera-supplied power