Perfect autofocus, every time

Take sharper photos than ever before with 4D FOCUS.

What is 4D FOCUS?

Conventional autofocus (AF) deals with space alone. 4D FOCUS goes one step further with an innovative image sensor that picks up both space and time to capture moving subjects with new clarity, allowing you to take crisper photos than ever. Plain old AF is a thing of the past. The future of photography is in motion.

WIDE - Area (2D)

Capture the action across a wide area, even off the center of the frame. 

FAST - Depth (3D)

Focus quickly, whether your subject's moving closer or further away.


The fourth dimension of 4D FOCUS is time, accurately predicting and stably tracking your subject’s next move.

Wide AF area

Capture your subject anywhere in the frame. 4D FOCUS activates AF points across a wide area, so the camera can detect subjects throughout the entire frame, instead of just the centre.

Ultra-fast focus

4D FOCUS instantly detects the distance to your subject and focuses quickly and accurately with advanced AF algorithm, so you never miss decisive moments.

Steadfast tracking

Never lose sight of your subject. Our AF algorithm stays focused on the action, and even predicts your subject’s next move, without getting distracted by any obstacles in the frame.

4D FOCUS Gallery

Browse crisp action shots taken with 4D FOCUS, and see how you can take them yourself, with detailed information ranging from model number to aperture size and focal length.

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