Extraordinary resolution

Image of cherry blossoms at their peak Image of cherry blossoms at their peak

Extraordinary resolution

Image of a woman's face, with close-up focus on one eye

A new high in α resolution

The output from the 35mm full-frame back-illuminated Exmor R™ CMOS image sensor, with approximately 61.0 million effective pixels, is processed in real time to the fullest extent by the advanced BIONZ XR™ processing engine to deliver breathtaking detail in both stills and movies.

Designed to deliver detail

Image of the Exmor R CMOS image sensor

35mm full-frame image sensor with 61.0 effective megapixels0

The sensor is packed with Sony's image sensor technologies, with effective noise reduction realised by its back-illuminated structure, plus gapless on-chip lenses, AR coating (anti-reflection seal glass), and the elimination of an optical low pass filter.
Image of BIONZ XR image processing engine on the device

The latest BIONZ XR image processing engine

With up to eight times the processing power of its predecessor, the new BIONZ XR processes huge volumes of image data while minimising latency and markedly boosting the camera’s movie and still-image processing power.  
Head and bust shot of a woman

Consistently accurate exposure and colour

The latest BIONZ XR engine achieves even better exposure control and colour reproduction accuracy. A new AE algorithm is capable of detecting the skin area in faces and controlling exposure accordingly when shooting stills and movies.
Image of the camera display for selection of RAW file type

Selectable RAW image sizes and quality

The α7R V now supports the lossless RAW format, with three selectable pixel counts - L (60M), M (26M), and S (15M). Both M and S sizes offer the same resolution in full-frame and APS-C fields of view, for simpler post-production workflow. 
Illustration showing in-body 5-axis image stabilisation

Advanced 5-axis in-body optical stabilisation

The α7R V has been upgraded to offer up to 8 steps of stabilisation in the body alone, for the first time in the α series. This achieves effective stabilisation for slow-shutter shots of interiors or night scenes where it is preferable to avoid the need for increased sensitivity.

[1] Yaw  [2] Roll  [3] Pitch
Image of a woman standing in the woods and a close-up image of her face

Precise compensation at the single-pixel level

A new stabilisation algorithm provides precise detection and control right down to the single-pixel level, taking full advantage of the sensor's 61.0 megapixel resolution to bring out the finest subject details.
Monochrome image of a woman in the woods

Creative Look supports varied expression

The Creative Look feature provides 10 presets that can be used unmodified or edited to create a variety of “looks” that can help creators fine-tune the mood of their stills or movies in-camera. 
Image of a mountain

Pixel Shift Multi Shooting0 responds to changing conditions 

Pixel Shift Multi Shooting takes advantage of precision in-body image stabilisation system control. Up to 16 pixel-shifted images are captured and later composited using a computer to achieve overwhelming resolution in a single image. Even tiny movements down to single-pixel level can be detected and compensated for by the PC software doing the compositing.