Full Specifications & Features



Speaker Type
Full Range (Line-Shape Diffuser)
Speaker Size
Full Range: 49mm x 71mm
Sound Modes
Clear Audio+, DSEE,
Custom EQ

Size & Weight

Dimensions (W x H x D)
Approx. 105mm x 238mm x 119mm
Approx. 1.3kg

Wireless Connections

Hands-Free Function


Communication System
Max. Communication Range
Compatible Profiles
Supported Codecs
Frequency Transmission Range
20Hz-20,000Hz (with 44.1kHz sampling)
Frequency Range
2.4GHz band


Input and Output Terminals
USB Type-C


Sony | Music Center / Fiestable

General Features

Battery Life
Approx. 24H
Power Supply
Internal rechargeable battery
Power Consumption
7.5W *Charging 1.5A
Water Protection

Eco and energy saving

Power Consumption (Standby Mode)

Colour Options


What's In The Box

  • USB Type-C cable


Image of a group of people sat around the SRS-XE300 X-Series Portable Wireless Speaker

Wider sound for better parties 

The XE300 has a Line-Shape Diffuser that will help your sound reach further than ever. Plus, with its portable size and 24-hour battery life, it’s the perfect partner for your next party.

Image of the SRS-XE300 X-Series Portable Wireless Speaker

Introducing the Line-Shape Diffuser

Inspired by the audio systems used at professional concerts, Sony's unique Line-Shape Diffuser creates line source and distributes the sound energy much more evenly, across a wide sound front, to better fill your venue with audio. This spreads high-quality sound further and wider around your venue, without compromising on sound quality.

Image demonstrating what the Line-Shape Diffuser does

What the Line-Shape Diffuser does

With the Line-Shape Diffuser, the sound spreads further to the front area of the speaker allowing you to enjoy the same sound quality whether you are at the front or to the side of the speaker. This means that everyone in your venue can dance to the same music feeling the same sound quality. A=Conventional Service Area B=Wider Service Area with Line-Shape Diffuser

Image demonstrating how the Line-Shape Diffuser works

How it works

Unlike a conventional speaker, with most of the energy focused from the center of the cone, our unique Line-Shape Diffuser refocuses the sound through a narrow aperture. The increase in sound pressure energy spreads the audio equally in each direction both further and wider out from the speaker.

Image of the SRS-XE300 X-Series Portable Wireless Speaker

What is the X-Balanced Speaker Unit?

Unlike the circular diaphragm in a conventional speaker unit, the newly developed X-Balanced Speaker Unit in the XE300 features a non-circular diaphragm which realises more sound pressure for a high-quality sound.

Image demonstrating the unit's non-circular shape

Increasing sound pressure and reducing distortion

The unit’s non-circular shape not only maximises the area of speaker diaphragm, increasing sound pressure for more punchy bass, it also reduces driver excursion while maintaining the same sound pressure, resulting in less distortion.

Image demonstrating the unit's off-centre design

Greater clarity and a wider sound stage

In addition, the unit’s off-centre design and optimised weight balance help to enhance clarity and widen the sound stage.

Image of the SRS-XE300 X-Series Portable Wireless Speaker

Dual passive radiators

Dual passive radiators reproduce powerful bass notes.

Image of the SRS-XE300 X-Series Portable Wireless Speaker demonstrating it's splash resistance

Water won’t stop you

The XE300 is waterproof and even salt water resistant, so you'll have no worries by the sea or the pool, and there’s no problem washing it either.

Image of the SRS-XE300 X-Series Portable Wireless Speaker demonstrating it's dust resistance

Don’t worry about dust

With an IP67 rating, your speaker is sealed against dust, so you can use it on any surface, whether you decide to take it to the beach, the park or the garden. 

Image of the SRS-XE300 X-Series Portable Wireless Speaker demonstrating it's shock resistance

Party harder than ever

The XE300 has undergone extensive shock testing to make sure it can withstand the inevitable knocks, bumps and scrapes that come with everyday use. Even if you drop it, the XE300 will keep on working.

Battery icon

24-hour battery and Ambient Noise Sensing

The XE300 will give you 24-hours of play when the battery is fully charged, that means that a single charge should be long enough to power through any party. And Sony's unique mic sensing technology, Ambient Noise Sensing, helps save battery when used outside.

Quick charging icon

Charge up in a hurry

If you find yourself a little short of time, don't worry. Quick charging will give you 70-minutes of play on just a 10-minute charge.

Battery Care icon

Take care of your battery

The Battery Care feature helps you avoid overcharging and will keep your battery in optimum condition for longer. This feature can be turned on through the Sony | Music Center app.

Image of a person with their laptop and the SRS-XE300 X-Series Portable Wireless Speaker

Enjoy improved call quality with Echo Cancelling

Have better meetings and calls with Echo Cancelling. This allows two people to talk at the same time without cutting either of them off. Plus, you can mute in an instant with the convenient MIC Mute button, right on the speaker. And with Multipoint Connection, two devices can be paired at the same time.

Image of multiple Sony speakers, featuring the Party Connect and Stereo Pair features

Get things booming with Party Connect and Stereo Pair

With Party Connect you can combine up to 100 compatible wireless speakers with BLUETOOTH® technology and sync your music so everyone dances to the same beat. Or with Stereo Pair you can connect two speakers wirelessly for an epic stereo sound. Both features are activated in the Sony | Music Center app.

Image showing the USB Type-C® port

USB Type-C® port

Use a USB Type-C® cable to charge the XE300.

Image of the SRS-XE300 X-Series Portable Wireless Speaker in multiple positions

Stand it up or on its side

With the recommended vertical layout, you can enjoy the full sound benefits of the Line-Shape Diffuser. And you can also lie it down, and enjoy the stereo audio playback using the Sony | Music Center app.

Bluetooth connection and Fast Pair icons

Bluetooth® connection and Fast Pair

With Google, the Sony XE300 enables quick effortless Bluetooth® pairing with your Android™ devices.

Image of a person dancing

Fun features with Fiestable

Control fun features, such as Gesture control and DJ control.

Sony I Music Center app icon

Sony | Music Center

Optimise audio settings, select playlist, cue the next song, and control Party Connect. Manage your devices right from your phone with the Sony | Music Center app.

Image of raw materials

Sustainability in mind

Our products are not only designed to be stylish but also with the environment in mind. Recycled plastic developed especially for Sony is used in internal parts of XE300. Also, the individual packaging for XE300 comprises of no more than 5% plastic materials. These reflect Sony’s commitment to reducing the environmental impact of our products and practices.