Situational image of a person using the ZV-E10 Situational image of a person using the ZV-E10

Share and connect

Image of a person using the ZV-E10's USB Streaming mode

Simple remote connectivity with high-quality images

The ZV-E10 can be used as an online communication tool, a live-streaming camera, taking advantage of its large sensor and built-in mic. To use the ZV-E10 as an external camera, connect it to a PC or a Sony Xperia™ smartphone via a USB Type-C® cable connection.

Situational image in which a person is using Imaging Edge Mobile to transfer a movie to a smartphone

Shoot now, share now

Share professional-quality videos on social media soon after shooting. The free Imaging Edge Mobile™ software allows you to quickly send your movies or still images from the ZV-E10 to your smartphone.
Image of a person shooting video vertically

Vertical movie shooting without the hassle

Vertically shot videos can be replayed or edited with automatic tagging of their vertical orientation, so you can upload content custom-made for smartphone screens.
Situational image of a person using their smartphone to edit a movie

Easy video editing on a smartphone

The Movie Edit add-on makes it easy to edit video on a smartphone. Apply enhanced stabilisation for especially shaky shots or reframe and crop video to suit popular social-media aspect ratios.

Stress-free power supply

There's no need to worry about the power source when you're producing your vlog – the ZV-E10 is equipped with multiple power-supply options to ensure stress-free shooting.

An illustration showing battery life

Staying power for outdoor shoots

The ZV-E10's battery provides up to 125 minutes of continuous movie shooting or up to 440 still images, so you can comfortably shoot long sessions outdoors.
Product image of the ZV-E10 being charged via USB-C cable

External power supplies for extended shooting sessions

For even more flexibility, the camera supports external power via a USB Type-C® connector, so you can use external mobile batteries to extend your recording time.
Product image of the ZV-E10 being charged using the AC-PW20AM

Optional AC power suitable for live streaming

When you have access to AC power you can use an AC adapter like the AC-PW20AM and never worry about running out of battery charge, useful when you're doing live streaming.