X-Balanced Speaker Unit

Close up image of the X-Balanced Speaker Unit

Breaking new ground with our X-Balanced Speaker Unit

The newly developed X-Balanced Speaker Unit features an almost rectangular diaphragm, for an increased surface area compared to conventional speaker units. The 320 mm x 320 mm large woofer unit gives clear and deep bass sound.
Image of the SRS-XV900 non-circular diaphragm

A richer, clearer, deeper experience

The non-circular diaphragm not only maximises the area of speaker diaphragm, but it also increases sound pressure for deeper and punchier bass, less distortion and greater vocal clarity. For a richer, clearer and more rewarding listening experience.
Image of the SRS-XV900 speaker

Crystal-clear sound from every angle

The X-Balanced Speaker design for the woofer produces deep, powerful bass alongside dedicated midrange drivers for vocal clarity, even when you turn up the volume. Six tweeter units in the front, side and top will give clear high-frequency sound all around.