Control and Connectivity

Close up image of the SRS-XV900 wireless speaker top touch panel

Complete control with just a touch

With the top touch panel, you’re in complete control. Change function, settings and lighting with just a touch.

Bluetooth® Fast Pair

Discoverable for your Android devices as soon as you turn it on.
Image of the Bluetooth Fast Pair icon

Party Connect

Connect with up to 100 compatible speakers and sync your music and lights to make sure everyone's dancing to the same beat.
Image of the Party Connect icon

USB Play and charge devices

Plug in and play music with USB connectivity, and you can use the XV900 to charge up your other devices.
Close up image of the SRS-XV900 wireless speaker USC connection

Sony | Music Center

Optimise audio settings, select playlists, cue the next song, and control Party Connect. Manage your devices right from your phone with the Sony | Music Center app.
Image of the Sony l Music Center app icon

Fun features with Fiestable

Control fun features, such as Gesture control and DJ control.
Image of a person dancing
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Google Play

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